The Determinator

The Determinator

Reached #2 (Cancer Category) on Amazon Kindle Australia 2019

This is a touching, real-life journey of breast cancer survivor, Heidi Yi, who became an inspiration to many. While you may cry in some parts, this is ultimately a story of hope. When the doctor broke the news to her after getting a biopsy report from a lump found on her breast, she knew it wasn’t going to be good.

Her discovery turned out to be a malignant tumour size of a golf ball. This book explains her journey from diagnosis of aggressive Triple Positive Breast Cancer at age 35 as she discovered a new perspective on living a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Heidi encourages her readers to not sweat over small stuff anymore, just move on and don’t stress over it. Do the things that you’ve always wanted to do that makes you happy, whether it’s a hobby, new job, or business opportunity. Have a go because we only live once, and no one knows what might happen tomorrow.

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