How to SELF-PUBLISH Your First Book

How to SELF-PUBLISH Your First Book

Have you written a book that you know others will love but you don’t know how to get it published?

Have you approached several publishers, only to be knocked back?

Don’t worry, you’re in good company.

In 2007 Heidi wrote her first book, Pro Makeup by Heidi, but then faced the seemingly impossible task of getting it published. She went down the self-publishing road, a journey with many unexpected twists and turns.

This easy-to-read guide has one mission: to encourage you if you’ve always wanted to write and publish a book, but simply don’t know where to start or think it’s all too hard.

Learn from Heidi as she talks about the long and expensive route she took of bringing a book to market. She shares the many lessons she learned and the do and don’ts of self-publishing.

A must-read for every budding author wondering how to self-publish.

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