How to SELF-PUBLISH Your First Book

How to SELF-PUBLISH Your First Book

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Writing a book refers to the actual manuscript, whereas publishing a book means putting it all together. Self-publish in simple terms means self-funding. In 2007 Heidi wrote her first book, Pro Makeup by Heidi, but then faced the seemingly impossible task of getting it published. She approached countless publishers who would be willing to fund or take on her book. In the end, she went down the self-publishing route paying for it all herself which takes courage and risk.

It all paid off when she got picked up by a distributor, which then lead to her signing all her books reaching bookstores nationally and holding a book signing and book launch. Even if you take away one thing from this book, that might be the turning point in your self-publishing journey, so just keep going! She has written another book ‘How to Write Your First Book’ which complements this book.

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