Big Tips for Small Business

Big Tips for Small Business

Are you wondering if you’re the only small business owner doing it tough? Do you feel like you to have to pretend that business is a walk in the park? Everybody else seems to be experiencing instant success − but you. Or is that only one part of the story?

Heidi has taken a completely different approach to business success, choosing to share her struggles through a decade of building the face of Heidi Yi Cosmetics. She also talks about her triumphs − and there were many − but she uses her vast experience to highlight the countless challenges many of us face.

This easy-to-read practical guide is a must for every business owner who wonders if this is as good as it gets. Journey with Heidi as she reveals how she has personally thrived by scaling her business right down by working smarter, not harder. Be inspired to transition from never-ending ‘to-do lists’ to writing a ‘bucket list’.

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