I’ve always wanted pearly white teeth

May 19, 2019

I’ve always wanted pearly white teeth

I love drinking coffee but the downside is it discolours my teeth. Thankfully, I am not a smoker but I’ve always wanted to have pearly white teeth (haven’t we all!).

I have few crooked front teeth, can’t do much about but my main concern is my teeth look a little yellow. I have tried the natural method, using the lemon & baking powder trick at home, following instructions from YouTube. I’ve also tried the traditional method by going to the dentist. I’ve had professional teeth whitening trays and gels by different dentists but the gel was so strong. I’ve tried every teeth whitening toothpaste you can think of and even gone as far as obtaining a quote to have porcelain veneers (way too expensive!). I had to find an alternative.

I’ve recently come across this organic coconut charcoal powder – a best seller and very affordable! So, I gave this a try and to my surprise, only 3 weeks later, I have whiter-looking teeth. I’m impressed. Take a look at my before and after photos.



Tip:  I use white toothbrush for everyday brushing and black toothbrush for teeth whitening