I am a big fan of Alpha H products

May 12, 2019

I am a big fan of Alpha H products

Alpha H is a concentrated skincare range with some products containing Glycolic Acid (which makes it more powerful). For many years I worked as a beauty therapist and used this brand on a lot of my clients.

I am a big fan of Alpha H as the products are easy to use. It’s a treatment brand and I have witnessed some great results. I highly recommend it, both due to the results I have viewed on my clients and the results I have experienced on my own skin. If you are new to Alpha H, I highly recommend you try it. Even if you choose just the cleanser, exfoliant or a moisturizer.

One of the products that I am currently using is Liquid Gold 24hr Moisture Repair cream, specifically targeted for normal to dry skin and mature skins, like myself. I apply this at night after cleansing my skin. Best thing is it’s manufactured here in Australia and they have range of skincare solutions for both men and women, all ages and all skin types.